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2015 Soon Come!

Just Another Sad Song...Five Really Sad Christmas Songs

"Rape is A Crime Against My Body, Not My Possessions"

Fifty Years- Free Write Reflection and Some Perspective

Felicia: A High Tech Mammy For The Holidays

And then they did this: The Kardashians. GONE TOO FAR.

The Only Christopher We Acknowledge is Wallace

Poor Carl Winslow, The Sitcom Father and the Scene Stealer

Basic v. Acid, 2014

Dear Cornel West, A Question Please...

Television Dreams: Let's Bring Television Into the Beyond….

Addressing Ferguson and Black on Black Crime

Taylor Swift Shakes A Whole Lot, but Beyonce Still Has One of the Best Videos of All Time

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Brown Rice Makes for Good Music

Summer Twitter: Tupac's Alive!

Screaming Message: John Legend's Preciseness in Promoting a Cause

Summer Shocker: My Complicated Relationship with Baseball Continues.

Chatting about #WMN with HuffPostLive

Re:Purpose. Art, It's Contents and Discontentment.

This Week in Twitter

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This Week In Twitter

Last Week In Twitter

Boy Meets World. Boy Meets Girl. Finger Snaps and Converse Kicks.

Last Week In Twitter

Revolution! Works From The Black Arts Movement

Carrie Mae Weems at Guggenheim Part Two

Bossy Bully B*tches

Carrie Mae Weems at the Guggenheim!

Authentic Brooklyn: Spike Speaks and I'm Confused

Telling Our Story

"You're As Crazy as the People on Twitter: We Don't All Look Alike"

Mentholated Cool: CVS, Cigarettes, and a New Era

Totally Cool! 1980s Delta InFlight Safety Video

Vanity DARK!!!!!

Black History Month! Why, Cus…Slavery!

Martin Luther King Day 2014