Boy Meets World. Boy Meets Girl. Finger Snaps and Converse Kicks.

Samuel L. Jackson is often cited as one of the hardest working actors in the entertainment history. Honestly, it seems like there's no role that this man won't take. Crackhead? See Jungle Fever. He was even on Ghostwiter! Word.

So it's no surprise that he's familiar with one of the most cherished family sitcoms of the 90s-noughites era, Boy Meets World.  He probably tried for a spot of the show. And, his knowledge (or quick memorization)  is perfect because it takes the initial target demographic through their entertainment and cultural evolution which went from loving this show, to exploring the spoken word scene, to eventually making fun of everything involved in the spoken word scene. It goes without saying that Angela and Topanga are somewhere snapping their fingers along to this piece.

Also, props to Jimmy Fallon for not being a jerk, and yet coming up with amazing show tidbits repeatedly. Nostalgia will get us every time.


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