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Because, My Name Ain't Kate

This is actually an oldie. Real old. I wrote it last spring based on an idea that has floated around in my head, and was never sure I wanted to share it publicly. Eventually I threw it up on Medium with no explanation or thought. So, I'll cross post here, but the full piece is over at : My Name Ain’t Kate… Reflections While I Work Part 1 I do not like you. In some moments, there is a bit of mutual admiration. We are both conniving. Survivors even. However, I still don’t like you. You in the collective sense. There are some individual yous where it goes beyond a generic dislike but stops short of hate. But there’s a few of you, a few that I cherish. I guess you bear a burden too. You’re left to be the shining examples of good in a sea of so much bleh.

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