Because Grace Jones is the Original G

Grace Jones has long been a cultural icon. Everyone who is anyone has imitated her greatness. This September, in advance of her book release this fall, I wrote on why we should honor Grace Jones, and unapologetically owning your greatness. From one Jamaican church kid to another, salute! 


Before recognizing Grace Jones’ talent, you are first struck by her appearance. The smooth dark skin coupled with androgynous style is not one often portrayed and glorified in mainstream media. It was her looks that helped catapult her into early success as a model, where she walked in shows for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and appeared on covers of publications like EssenceVogue Italia, and Elle. She translated her success as a model into music and acting, while leaving an indelible stamp on the art world. Her memoir, entitled I’ll Never Write My Memoirs is an unabashed celebration of her life and a lesson for those coming up. It also serves as a reminder that women can create their own visions for themselves, own their stories, and should stand confidently and unapologetically in their grace.

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