Because Adele Released A Video and I'm a Fangirl

Source: Adele, Duh.

Way back in 2008, Kanye West  had this website endeavor and would post random, but interesting things. I was a grad student studying media with nothing to do but engage in random, but interesting things online.  Sitting in my London hole (that's what I called my student housing), I one day clicked on the video for "Chasing Pavements". It was cool. I was in England and slightly obsessing over British musicians. I then listened to whatever Adele I could find, and probably to the annoyance of my neighbors played her debut album 19 from start to finish every day. I even mentioned my obsession (and kind of getting over it) here.

21 came along and I was equally ecstatic, but back in the States. I played that album relentlessly too. This time probably to the annoyance of my coworkers who had to listen to it blaring from my headphones. And today, oh glorious day, the first video of Adele's latest album has been released. It's entitled "Hello," and the six minute long video features what is becoming a hallmark of her videos: the singer sitting by herself belting, black and white shots as well as a great use of muted colors thoughout, and closeups on her always laid eyelashes. 

Can lashes be laid? That's how I always think of her lashes. They just sit pretty and full.

I love that this video was released during the same week as Hotline Bling, because I think they're counterparts.The difference here is that it is the performer (Adele) making that hotline bling, instead of the performer's ex (according to, Nebby).  Still the message means one thing.  Here, once more, you see someone who has ended a relationship return and be disappointed/confused that the other person has moved on. Adele is a lot more emotional than Drake, but they both have a bit of extra esteem, and some hidden feelings left. How dare you have moved on? I still want you to want me, and I may have feelings about the way I treated you. Maybe. And yes, that is Tristan "Mack" Wilds being an adult and what not.

Video here:

Sorry to those who follow me on Spotify. To your annoyance, on November  20th you will see a roll of "Kimberly just listened to Adele."

Happy Friday!


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