Re:Purpose. Art, It's Contents and Discontentment.

There's been a lot of commentary this past month about the role race plays in art, and the way it manifests itself not only in art, but also in the nebulous art world where stereotypes of liberalism and free love clash with traditional power schemes.  Questions have abounded like: Who enjoys art? Who experiences art? It also begs the question: what is art?

Trying to trace the origins of this conversation (that has been part of the art world for a while) leads back to a few recent prominent exhibits and conversations. You can thank the recent Carrie Mae Weems show at the Guggenheim, the Kara Walker Domino Sugar Factor show, and the Whitney Biennial Donelle Woolford inclusion for all this brouhaha and important conversation spilling into mainstream media.

Re:Purpose a recent exhibit at the Five Myles Gallery in Brooklyn, New York looked at the every day to showcase art. It also causes the viewer to think about some of your daily rituals and their purpose in your life.  So what is art? It definitely can be made out of the everyday.  And with this podcast, I hope that more people will have access to experiencing art. Enjoy.

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