Vanity Dark is also Posting on The Wonderist!

So, I have a few pieces that I started here on Boko Haram's attacks in Nigeria and Don Sterling's remarks, and guess what? I never posted them! I don't think it's too late, but I'm also approaching the point of media fatigue concerning both issues (not compassion fatigue yet, just tired of the media). Point Being: I'm not too certain I will be polishing those up.  Also, I did some weekend traveling, and that throws a schedule off! But lest ye my good friends think I've been leaving you with nothing, fear not: I've actually done some posts for The Wonderist.

The Wonderist is a wonderful site containing daily wonders of feel good pop-culture oddities found around the internet and the real world. Tanya Kateri, the site's editor, really finds great things and I am honored to be contributing.

Check out my first post here about Men Moving On, and another covering Fictitious Dishes found in literature!

Also, check out the other posts on the site. Seriously, it's the feel good tidbit you need in this world of prejudice and snark.

And continue checking here for my thoughts, ramblings, and so on. I definitely have  one video coming this week and This Week in Twitter is off hiatus, because I'm no longer traveling.


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