Screaming Message: John Legend's Preciseness in Promoting a Cause

Everyone nowadays has a message to promote through social media, their brand, etc. Hashtag activism can be both positive and negative, but often times it is nothing more than annoying. At times it can be overwhelming to shift through the campaigns to find out what has substance, is contextually appropriate (in reference to its branding/campaign), and really isn't just a bunch of people whining about the latest molehill they want to turn into a mountain.

Some people, however scream message in the smoothest voice. And there's no reason to be confused or flustered at all.

John Legend made me cry tonight. I got the point.

He's made us cry before.

And I get it, these songs stand as love songs without the images that point us towards something more. The videos do not invalidate or contradict the primary meaning of the song, but rather show us that something complicated (like love) can have deep, complicated layers.  It points the viewer to a different way of looking at issues. All without compassion fatigue!  Please continue to show me.


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