Carrie Mae Weems at Guggenheim Part Two

The original Carrie Mae Weems post was supposed to have tons of video and link goodies. Unfortunately, editing in 10 minutes before you leave for a flight doesn't always work out the way it should. So, attached is the original video of me chatting about the retrospective. I'm training my eye to stay on the camera.

I'm also including some of the writing that I rave about in the original piece and my extended video. This part, from the kitchen table series has a nice rhythm to it, and gets into gendered roles, and family economics. 

Since then, I have been alerted to a series of amazing events in April at the Guggenheim centered around this exhibiting, featuring Weems herself and some other very special guests. Check out the Guggenheim calendar for more deets!

I have some more video ideas I'm working on (some with me on and some with me off camera). Stay tuned!


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