Rewind On That One Selector: Rudeboy Style!

The Brits always get it right.

Return of the Rudeboy, from

Return of the Rudeboy is an exhibit currently showing at Sommerset House in the UK, which celebrates the evolution of rudeboy style. Not familiar?  The idea of the rudeboy emerged in 1960s Jamaica as the newly independent nation also embraced reggae- a music style that evolved out of ska. The rudeboy was a young man, acting with few scruples to get by, in some of the rough and tough areas of the island. The style of clothing was sharp suits and natty accessories.

Over at Sommerset House in London, an exhibit has been on display this year that highlights the style, and its various iterations over the years and across countries. Check out the video below from SSENSE for more on the exhibit and rude boy culture.

And for an original rude boy message:

Return of the Rudeboy is on exhibit until August 25, 2014.


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