Taylor Swift Shakes A Whole Lot, but Beyonce Still Has One of the Best Videos of All Time

And now for the latest in the annals of appropriation.  As usual, Taylor Swift is late to the party, but she's taken her late pass and is all gold chained, and daisy duked out:

Dance in Hip Hop  is so much more than twerking and butt shaking. Why is that all these pop ladies give us when they decide to "honor" the genre?

I think I heard it said best on twitter last year when Miley Cyrus was acting up: "We didn't hate Britney Spears, because she did it well." True, Ms. Spears came correct with her Janet Jackson swagger jack. But, in Britney's defense, she also acted like a hot mess that was true to her persona. (That, and I was in junior high when she emerged. I forgive all things 90s.)

Beyonce still had one of the best videos of all time, and she does all of this better Taylor, all of this...


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