Uruguay's in Love with Mary Jane.

I do not smoke. I actually discourage people from doing so.  Do you know what happens because you were high?

However, whenever the Economist gets a little off the beaten path, I feel the need to comment. This daily graphic was on Uruguay being the first country to legalize cannabis production, and had a nice little graph of cannabis consumption across the world. Apparently people are smoking up. Who knew?

Why is this happening? Meth and Red? Definitely Meth and Red.
This could not happen in Jamaica. What would the police focus on?

Uruguay's legalization is interesting, and likely will set in place some form of movement, although I don't see a grand movement by countries happening immediately. Interesting in the news coverage is the word choice and the scientific usage of the word cannabis. My head instantly translates this into weed, and somewhere there is an explanation of regional variations for canabis. But I was recently exposed to this interesting history of the word marijuana. A racist past for a word popular throughout America?  That cannot be.

A link to the NPR article can be found here.


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