The Other Side of Momentous. Happy Jamaican Independence Day!

The Bragadocious Post

The year after a milestone is always a weird one to celebrate.  The accolades and big charade all happened the previous year, and while commemoration is nice, it is not to be overdone. It is in these years that time for quiet reflection becomes all the more important.  With that understanding, I wish Jamaica a Happy 51st Independence Day. Last year was replete with hoopla, and quite frankly, we are an extravagant people at all times anyway. But for this year, I think its time to seriously look at what has been accomplished over the last fifty years and push forward on a path of resolute determination for the year to come.

Jamaicans may be the non-Biblical people most spread throughout the world. A day like today only highlights the influence of this one little country. And although we likkle, we tallawah. There is no industry that we have not entered, and I have yet to visit someplace where I have not met a Jamaican descendant. It is a country of irony and contradictions, some perfectly fine and others that are a little troubling. Some of the most immoral and heinous crimes are committed in a small country that is also the most moralistic and religious. The country has a booming tourism industry, a strong agricultural basis, and developed its own music industry that is celebrated around the world. Yet is mired in debt and the exchange rate against the American dollar makes you want to play with monopoly money. And yes on its independence celebration, the people are fiercely proud and in love with their country, but the respect for the Queen is still readily apparent. One needs to look no further than the love of Clarks.

And while this is serious, it wouldn't be a celebration if the silly side wasn't honored. So enough with me waxing poetic and having child of immigrant feelings on the other side of momentous.

We have a bobsled team!

And a dogsled team???

Shoutout to the brethren of the continent: Nigerians


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