GOT ON THE BUS- Friday's Journey to Washington

My goal this weekend was to share brief quick updates of my DC experience at the March on Washington, but then my hotel had no Wi-Fi and my updates were shared with no one but the confines of my mind (also greatly inhibiting my progress in the 31WriteNow challenge).

Overall the March was a blessing. The weekend was spent in good spirits connecting not only with those that I travelled with but with several people who came in a positive spirit from around the country.

Here were some of my thoughts on Day 1 (Friday)

A 1963 article prior to the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom declared that the march was so organized it would indeed be a boring affair. My fear  entering the fiftieth anniversary commemoration was that with the excitement surrounding this march, and following two huge inaugurations in recent history, this is so hyped, it may be boring and ineffectual. Two ladies I met on the Greyhound however have me thinking otherwise. They were at the march in 1963, and have not stopped a beat in showing up and standing for justice since- whether it be marching or celebrating. It reminded me that each body that’s present has an effect. Numbers matter. The process of people actively communing together shows the country via the media that people care.  And really, with characters like these ladies around, how could boredom persist?


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