Throwback Pop Culture Clip of the Week

I know, the My Favorite Scenes is basically my excuse for me to watch more television(and music videos and movies that are soon to be included). So this means my throwbacks are going to have to return to a point of relevance and not basically be more of My Favorite Scenes, because that would only overdo any sane person's love of the good old days. So as much as I'm tempted to bring you fifty clips of Family Matters I'll resist.
Today's clip is in homage of Bo Diddley, the jazz great who passed away on July 2. (NY Times Article here) And, since AOL Black Voices keeps reminding me that June is Black Music Month, its is fitting. Quite arguably without Bo, we Mickey Factz would not be "Rocking and Rolling with the Cool Kids," we would not "Party like a Rockstar," and I would not be Seeing Sounds at the end of the week because Rock and Roll owes a major debt to the work of Mr. Diddley and several other black musicians from his time period.

Also, Bo Diddley and Bo Jackson in Bo knows commercial(because I can't portray my youth):

Also introducing the NIKE tag, because its so relevant to U.S. Arts.Culture. and Entertainment.


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