I ain't saying nothing, but I'm just saying

....when black people did this, Fred Hampton ended up dead. Let's just hope our friend Al doesn't stir anything up. Because while I, like Spike, am confident in black folk's ability to act rationally, I do not have the same confidence in Al.

People we do not need another long and hot summer to teach us to Do the Right Thing.

Somewhere Sammy is reminding us we can all get along

(p.s. there will always be more Spike loving..I'm doing my dissertation on whiteness in black films. You know he is all up in there)

The Queen


  1. u know this well got me vex, hence our convo yesterday...all i'm saying is stay out the heights this summer no hollin' n to the big truck for me on labor day i value mine

  2. y do u not have a post in congratulation of Johnson and Jallow? lmao love is a many splendid thing...


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