Hell Nah, Ain't No Way

Yet another rip of the same Buggin' Out scene from Do The Right Thing.Why 2 posts today? While studying, I checked out Honorable Media for a study break and peeped that Nelly had a new song with Ciara and Jermaine Dupri about Jordans. Since I pretend to be a sneaker fiend, I peeped the video and low and below they went Giancarlo Esposito on me. I guess since UNI is much less well known its alright that two artists did exactly the same movie rip in a year. I personally think the UNI one for K.R.E.A.M is better, but check Nelly out.

See, I told you that NIKE tag would come in handy. Just didnt know it would be so soon.

EDIT: Lets also peep Ciara's Ankle Bag. I think its Chanel. Really Tho?


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