Often times I forget the intended meaning that comes through as I voice the words in my head doesn't automatically translate by copying and pasting an article on a page. I am not attacking the journalist that did the interview for New York Mag's Look Book section, but this guy below is giving me jokes. Truth: I do have an excellent memory. Truth: I actually do adore the combination pink and blue: but more a fuschia/hot pink and navy blue. Truth: He was apparently raised by an old white Jewish woman. Fact: It's not wrong of him to want people to know his background.

But does that last truth mean ergo: that she had to stress education and being well dressed. As a friend pointed out in an email may non-white Gentiles also stress the same values. Something about the juxtaposition of that text and his picture made a little critical discourse analysis bell go off in my head. Form your own conclusions, but the fact that this was brought up seems slightly odd to me (hence the italics) and yes I do recognize that I have no idea what the edited version looks like.


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