Won't even pretend that I have any recollection of this, but in honor of my new obsession with The Game and a post on the CW's board, I bring you old school Tia and Tamera Mowry...yep I think this is even before the The Full House episodes (why were all of Michelle's friends little curly headed black kids from huge entertainment families...Tahj Mowry, Jurnee Smollet?):

Bonus Clip: Now this I do remember. At the same time as Party of Five on Fox, the Smollett clan had their own version entitled On Our Own on ABC's TGIF. Classic.(For a review of both that I don't necessarily endorse, but it gives background and shows reasons for one show's success and the other's failure click here.) Has much changed in television and conception of shows?

Too bad it didn't last long. Maybe because this is how minority children are supposed to appear: Keke Palmer not urban enough? (redirected from YBF).

The Queen


  1. the twins' video- hilarious! have u seen ms. palmer's music video- at least i think it was her. that was funny too. y does all of this seem like it could be a bad episode of behind the music or where r they now in the making think tevin campbell, keisha knight.....


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