And now for a little Bklyn History

Thanks to the NYTimes. There's a pretty informative article this week about the Underground Railroad and the form it took in Brooklyn, leading to the designation of Duffield, a popular street in Brooklyn's Downtown as Abolitionist Place, "On the Trail of Brooklyn's Underground Railroad." The article also touches on the history of Weeksville, an important historical but oft forgotten neighborhood of Brooklyn. Get edumicated here.

Watch the NYTimes video on the subject here

If you ever want to really get into NYC history on an almost block by block basis, there's this guy that often does specials on PBS. I can't remember his name of the title of the program right now, but they are on point.

On another note, does anyone else feel intrigued by the case of Pinky? yea..

For related reading check out Monied Metropolis by Sven Beckert. It gives everything through an economic history of the city. Quite informative.

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