"Hip Hoppers Don't Do That...

..they shoot and move on to kill again." I've never heard of this radio commentator, John Gibson, but thanks to Young Turks on AOL, I had the pleasure of listening to his commentary on a recent school shooting in Ohio and then the differences between white and black kids shooting, after incorrectly assuming that the shooter was a black student (...the school is 85% black and all the pictures had black kids). Is there a witch hunt for fools after the whole Imus thing? I'm not sure anyone is going after this guy or if its worth it, but its at least worth the chuckle to listen to the characteristics of when "hip hoppers" or "you people" kill versus other groups. See the AOL post below. Also read about it on Media Matters, where you can learn about some of Johnny's other offenses.

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Another Fox News Host with Another Racist Tirade

Posted Oct 13th 2007 5:35PM by Cenk Uygur
Filed under: Young Turks, Video, Fox News, Race Relations
This time it's John Gibson on his radio show talking about how he knew the school shooting in Ohio was done by a black kid who listened to hip hop music! Except it was a white kid. Oooops.

Then he was certain that the kid at least listened to hip-hop music (which, by the way, is not the same as gangster rap, in case Gibson is interested in knowing anything before he speaks; it's also not jazz, I know it comes as surprise to Fox News hosts when all black entertainers do not immediately break out in rap). Except the kid was a Marilyn Manson fan. Oooops.

So, Gibson desperately tried to pin this shooting on blacks or black culture, ignoring the fact that almost all school shootings in America are committed by young, white males (which also doesn't prove anything), including this one. Then, at the end, he unbelievably turns it around and tries to make the shooting seem more classy because the kid shot himself at the end. According to John Gibson, "hip-hoppers" are so cold blooded they they walk away from a shooting and do it again. Is his implication that white murderers have the decency to kill themselves afterward? Does that make it better?

It seems hard to believe he'd say these things, right? Listen for yourself:

I am not for seeing racism everywhere (I even defended Don Imus), but for those of you who refuse to see it anywhere, please tell me why Gibson went into this rant against black folks before he knew any of the facts of the case and kept it up even when it turned out it was a white kid who listened to "white" music who did the shooting?


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