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Below my rant is a link to article published in Advertising Age that discusses Nickelodeon's attempts to become relevant again (well at least to me...they're obviously relevant to tons and tons of kids). It would only make sense that Nickelodeon has the bigger music presence, seeing as their parent company (MTV Networks/Viacom for those not paying attention) owns the most relevant music channels around, few people comparatively in the U.S. watch FUSE, which is the biggest music channel I could think of as a competitor (all deductive reasoning...I have no facts) and the Disney Channel airs its own videos on the Disney Channel. That's great Nickelodeon...compete with Disney..launch the Naked Brothers Band and find your very own "High School Musical" jackpot. But how about you focus on what Disney can't do...which is have an oldies night. I've expressed my desire, AdRants expressed their desire, millions of young adults on facebook create and join groups expressing their desire. You don't see this for The Mickey Mouse Club, Flash Forward, The Baby Sitters Club, Circus Smirkus, Bug Juice or any of the good older Disney Channel shows. Clarissa explained life for some of us. We're older and need her wisdom again, or just to remember the days when Kel told us Orange Soda was okay, before we learned about the sugar and calories in a single serving. I actually went to see Good Burger in the movie theaters. That's how much I loved you. Watching old "Legends of the Hidden Temple" on Nickelodeon GaS(Games and Sports) will not suffice, and Noggin's cool, but it ain't old school.

In closing Nickelodeon, remember the closing on The Brothers Garcia, "Todo para la familia." I'm it for me (and Taina, cus that bit role in I Think I Love my Wife was sad)! Do it for the girl who was excited to go to her aunt's house because there awaited cable and quality tv.

Advertising Age Article


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