Old School Friday: Songs with Heart

I know, I was gone. I was busy working on a production of FENCES, that went fantabulously well.

Today's Old School Friday Theme is Songs with Heart. I'm assuming this means Heart in the title, or predominately in the lyrics.

For the first time in a while, I've had to think long and hard to even find a song. Forget connections to television.

The first song that pops to mind is Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On" I think I may have been the only person that didn't feel moved by the Titanic, but I did love me some Celine Dion. Maybe if I watched it now, I'd feel different. But as an eighth grader getting my hair cornrowed and hit with the brush because I didn't want to look at the blue corpses, thus leading me to squirm too much, it just wasn't doing it for me.

And then, one of my junior high favorites, "Heartbreak Hotel." NOT THE ELVIS version. This Whitney albums was also one of my favorite albums back then. I actually listened to this yesterday while looking for break up songs for www.rbmvibes.com. But in actuality, this could have just been a OSF: Whitney Houston post. *humming "Hearts are often broken, when their words are spoken....."

But for everyone that stick by the originals, I'll include the Elvis version. You'll see that they're very very different songs. Just the same name.


Post Script. Just thought of another Whitney Classic, "Where do broken hearts go" But I'll respect the OSF rules, and not post it.


  1. great selections!!
    I also posted Whit & the crew!

  2. Happy OSF! I forgot all about the Titanic song. :-)

  3. You knew what was on our minds and so you disarmed us right off the bat and neutralized our scoldings. Very tactful. What fabulous selections. The Whitney video and song is the best of the best. You returned to OSF in grand style.

  4. Celine!!! I have always loved her voice...

    Great choices this week, as always!

  5. Revvy Rev summed it up well. Happy OSF in Grand Style!

  6. Thank you! I thought I was the only person who didn't think Titantic was a big deal!

    Happy OSF.

  7. Loved the POLL on RBMVIBES.COM good link on this topic! i voted.

  8. "I think I may have been the only person that didn't feel moved by the Titanic,"

    Nope. I felt the same way and had to watch that movie in parts (over a period of about 11 years) It's a just a bad movie.


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