Old School Friday: Child Singers

Today's Old School Friday is all about the children. And I couldn't help but go to the reggae child singers.

First up is Lil Vicious. He came out at the Martin Luther King Wingate Concerts a few years back because Doug E. Doug was performing and did this same song. His brother was in my sister's class in our small Christian elementary school. Yes it's alright if you shake your head at this little boy singing about "some gal a freak."

And now for more children singing about inappropriate matter, that you just sang along with anyway. This time we go about a decade earlier than Vicious and across the pond to Britain, where Musical Youth covered a song, "Pass the Kutchie" by The Mighty Diamonds, and renamed it "Pass the Dutchie." I'd dare say this is infinitely more popular than the original.

I remember the day it clicked for me that my mother called her soup pot a "dutchie." Oh, synonyms! No joke, Musical Youth has some really good songs. I suggest checking out their catalog. The rest of their songs are more kid friendly as well.

In case you were wondering, child reggae performances are still as relevant today as ever. I present: my senior year of college.

I'm hitting post before I change this into child singers on A Different World and post the episodes with "The Boys," "Immature," and "Kris Kross," or before I post my favorite Brady Bunch Songs.

Anyone can join! Check out other OSF posters and rules here:http://mrsgrapevine.com/old-school-music-meme/


  1. First, I like the theme/premise of your blog, history's influence o present culture. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

    I love the Lil Vicious video. Haha. So tiny and young, what did he know about freaks then?

    And I'd forgotten Musical Youth & "Pass the Dutchie." That was a song that was everywhere you turned for a while and I was one of many trying to sing it when it came on the radio, totally unsuccessful at reproducing the sounds.

    The last one was just plain old cute, but I'm partial to dance hall reggae and partial to kids so put them together and you've got me.

    Glad you didn't go with Different World. :-) Happy OSF!

  2. Good picks! And funny about kids singing about grown folks' business. I will check out more of Musical Youth's songs--this one was the only one that I am aware of.

    Happy OSF to you both!

  3. Whatcha gonna say, whatcha gonna do - BOOGIE! Love it.

    You resisted the temptation to post from Different World and Brady Bunch, I am so proud of you, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by The PopArtDiva Retro Boomer Blog and bearing with me on my post of truly retro child stars, lol!

  4. Great picks! I just recently added "Pass the Dutchie" to my ipod. I hadn't heard the song before then.

  5. Aww Lil Vicious, I use to love that song. That was a great surprise, a blast from the past.

    Dancehall is notorious for kids singing adult content.

    I like your other choices, too, but I just remember playing Lil Vicious constantly...

  6. Hello there!

    You have pulled out some cuts that many people have never known about!

    {2-hand high fives}


  7. Very nice with the reggae flavor!

    I am unfamiliar with Lil Vicious, but know of the other two...very nice choices!

  8. Musical Youth sure bring back memories!


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