Old School Friday: Baby

This week we bring you songs with "Baby" in the title

The first song is simply named Baby. Besides for laughing at the glorified tackiness of the mid 1990s, it's nice to remember that Brandy had a lot going for her. I still blame her for the loss of many people's hairlines. They did not realize that she got her extensions redone regularly.

And sadly, even back then Sinbad didn't have a job. (Trivia: Which Norwood did Sinbad actually have a sitcom with?)

And simply because I couldn't resist. As disrespectful little kids we would sing this behind ppl on the street.

This can only explain why songs like this rose to popularity later on.

Happy and Joyful Old School Friday

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  1. You keep me with ear to ear grins. Lovely choices! RayJ? I don't know.

  2. Happy OSF! I must have missed the musical trends of the 1990s as neither one of these songs were familiar to me.

    Prince, Luther and Marvin were all possible choices. However, I invite your blog readers to check out my selection -- Smokey Robinson!

    peace, Villager

  3. I had to giggle as I listened to both of these songs.

    Hubby named the dance move Brandy did with her shoulders as "The Brandy" and he couldn't do it at all which would make me laugh til I cried.

    "Baby Daddy" is one of many songs where hip hop really reflects what's going on in the community. Oh well, happy OSF.

  4. I don't believe you put baby daddy in their..lol

  5. LOL! My Baby Daddy...I haven't heard that in a while...and I don't think I need to hear it for a while longer...

    Happy OSF!

  6. Yep, Revvy Rev you are right...it was Ray J.

    as for Babby Daddy, I typed Baby into my I tunes and it was one of the first songs that popped up, so I just had to.


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