That's Just Messed Up!

From a "Why lie, I need a beer" sign to "Barack, the Magic Negro" some things are just messed up. Really there's no other way to describe it.

You would think I would save my posts instead of doing a massive post dump. I think I'm tipsy off some apple juice and Nutella, so my brain juices are flowing (blame it on banana, gave me potassium; blame it on the glass, got me being crass; blame it on the mid id id id day snack...) .

Welcome to That's Just Messed Up!

As I sit writing cover letters and letting the television watch me this week, I was distracted by a commercial for Nip/Tuck. In true advertising by intrigue style the commercial plays almost like a music video at first to the song "Flashing Lights." Pause.

Video can be watched here:

Am I the only one thinking that's just messed up? I have no idea how long creative has been working on this commercial and thinking that the song's content would be a good background for a plastic surgery makeover show. But can we show a little respect and sympathy. It has been less than a year since Dr. D. West (Kanye's mom) died after a plastic surgery operation (it's been said that there was possibly an infection or not enough rest time after surgery) and we're already using his songs for commercials. This is not precautionary. It's just messed up.

How messed up do you think this is? Have you spotted anything messed up recently?


  1. I can't even begin to list the things that are messed up on commercials - especially ones promoting some of the racier shows! And the news has degenerated into info-tainment!

    I rant about the media constantly on my rant blog, The Brat In The Hat. Somewhere along the line a sense of responsibility was lost in the scramble for the almighty dollar.

    The word shame seems to have disappeared from the dictionary.

  2. Kim,

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  3. I remember when Dr. West died, I blogged about it. I think the fact that Kanye is letting them use the song for this is a slap in his mom's face (I assume they had to get his permission to use the song). what is he thinking, it will be sad if he is doing it for the money.
    TV in and of itself is very disappointing these days.

  4. Then again, having just heard the commercial, the only part of the song I hear is "I never thought that you would take it this far"
    So maybe there is a method to Kanye's madness!
    With him you never can tell!


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