Old School Friday: The Year I Graduated High School

This Friday I have no choice but to break the rules. I graduated H.S. in 2003, so the music may not be that old school. Actually it's a little sad to remember that at my high school prom we got hype to Cam'ron songs. Yes my senior year saw the emergence of Dipset into mainstream music, reggae getting it's millennial shine from Sean Paul and Shaggy, people beefing over Jay-Z vs. Nas....vs. DMX(yea you read correctly), Matchbox 20 and Linkin Park still holding relevance and the best American Idol fight ever: Ruben Studdard vs. Clay Aiken. This also is not to mention the emergence of the R. Kelly scandal and The Chocolate Factory which made everyone believe they could be a Chicago stepper. The Midwest /South also became even bigger on the East Coast with all sorts of names coming out for one dance which Sean P.Diddy Combs ran with, and taught us all how to shake our tailfeather. Of couse, Kirk Franklin emerged with yet another choir under a different name.

I'm defining year by the school year calendar- September 2002-June 2003. For the inspirational joint of that year I present Nas, "I Can." I remember using this in juxtaposition to Fifty Cent lyrics from "In da Club" for a Black History speech I gave at my church. I spoke about having "many black men in the big house, but not undermining the power of Condi and Colin in the White House." To think that we've elected a black president since then is mind boggling.

My senior year did have its share of good movies. I remember having to go to different movietheaters because of lines to see Barbershop and also watching Brown Sugar and wondering whey they didn't just name it Love and Hip Hop. Still one of my fave songs, comes from that soundtrack.

And for a senior year tv clip only I can appreciate: Kim Possible a show that was obviously named after yours truly. Lol.

Happy OSF! Check out other Old School Friday participants here:http://www.themarvalusview.com/osf/



  1. I know that I sound like a broken record, but you have a rare gift of observation, perspective, and creativity. Don't let anything stop you from your goal in life! Great picks!

  2. Hey - you have to break the rules, you graduated after the 1999 barrier! You can call it young old school, lol!

    Thanks for stopping my boomer blog OSF on Elvis!

    Happy OSF.

  3. Hey, you graduated only 5 years ago, no fair :-) I love your choices and I love the air brushed Chucks! Happy OSF.

  4. Great picks!
    The younger voice is just as valid as the older voices!

  5. I didn't realize you were so young. I agree with Revvy Rev. Wisdom, way beyond your youth.

    Great choices, except for the Kim Possible.

  6. Haha. Thanks!

    Yea, the Kim Possible is my own personal theme song because of the name. It was NOT the show that every body got down to senior year of high school.

  7. Hey...I like Kim Possible!

    I agree with everyone here...you have a gift, Ms. Thing!

    I love the Nas, love the Erykah/Common...great choices!

  8. Vanity Dark,

    This is my first visit to your site. I like what you do.

    All three of your choices are nice! I am a birth mother of Hip Hop folks and listening to NAS brings back memories of my youngest son listening to music.

    I am a fan of Ms. Badu's and that is one of my favorite songs by her.

    When I have time to watch television, Kim Possible is always good to go.

    I'll be back for another visit.


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