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This week Old School Friday is dedicated to remakes. Oh we could take this very very far. Once upon a time I started an IMeem playlist dedicated to this, but didn't get very far. Remakes can either be good (think Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton) or bad (think Mariah Carey remaking her own version of Hero... Why?). Sometimes they're just downright funny.

Remake: MASE, Puff and 112 "JEALOUS GUYS" (1997)

Original Remake: ABC (Another Bad Creation) "JEALOUS GIRL" (1991 I admit to not knowing about this remake until today)

ORIGINAL: New Edition, JEALOUS GIRL (1983)

Undoubtedly, the best remakes ever are always on Sesame Street!

Sounds the Same

Which version did you like the best?

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  1. Of course the original! Go NE!

  2. I just wait all week to see how you are going to top what you did the previous week. I don't know much about Jealous Girl, but I know about Smoky's "You Really Got A Hold of Me." How did you get your mind to conjure up making the Sesame Street connection? Astounding!!

  3. Excellent choice with the New Edition! And the Smokey Robinson? Nice...

  4. I used ABC's Jealous in a previous OSF. Cute choice. I sorta grew up on both versions. But New Edition takes it for me.

  5. New Edition of course!!
    I love Smokey & Sesame Street!
    and you are right Sesame Street did have all of the best remakes!

  6. you are so right Sesame Street has some hits.this reminds me of Norah Jones, I Don't Know "Y". I barely remember this, you dug deep.

    ABC is my favorite because I was 7th/8th grade when it came out, and I had the tape. My favorite song on the tape was Jealous Girl. I even remember the video, and how sad Lil Dave look.

    I didn't realize New Edition did the song first, wow.

  7. Gotta love Sesame Street - that was great! Ranks up there with the Alvin and The Chipmunks version of Helter Skelter, lol!

    What is it about muppets, puppets and furry animals?


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