Tyra Banks is Certifiable

Now, I admire her immensely. I do think she is a bit self obsessed, but hey if I had a platform I'd probably relate everyone's problems to my easy going life, so I don't know how much I can blame her. She does make a point though, adversity is a plus in life, it definitely makes you think more. Also, must definitely admire her gusto in her career. But please watch the first few minutes of her New York Times video at the hyperlink since I can't find an embeddable video (http://video.on.nytimes.com/?fr_story=9f58979ebe9bb376d806eb1d3d4f169a8d434521), and tell me it doesn't seem a bit like Chris Crocker.

Still I can't hate, I spent the entire Junior Parents Weekend at school attempting to teach my sister my facial expressions 101.


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