Throwback Pop Culture Clip

THROWBACK Thursdays are back,

why...cus I'm studying and this is obviously better.
In honor of my Sean Bell posts, here are a few old clips.
To all the people arrested yesterday, keep your head up and:

I have the actual Inner Circle music video for the song, Bad Boys which was popularized by the television show COPS. I also have a clip of COPS and of the Martin Lawrence and Will Smith film, Bad Boys. :

The Inner Circle video, Bad Boys

A Clip from FOX TV's COPS

Clip from Bad Boys II with Nelly's Tailfeather in the background, because what's more throwback:

Not exactly in the throwback category, but we all need some irony in our life. A Clip from CSA, a mockumentary on what life would be like if the Confederates won and the hit television show: Runaway:


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