Money, It's gotta be the shoes/Crown Heights, again./ What's really hood, Meagan Good?

Back during my obsession with U-N-I's "K.R.E.A.M." and the video, I also did a Throwback special on Spike clips, including the commercials he did with Jordan. Now all love of the Spiz'ike aside, Mr. Lee has been making quite some noise at Cannes. First off is the news that he will be doing a documentary on His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan himself. Peep the Variety article here. Yay, excitement. Think we'll get a little celeb-style gossip about the post-marriage era? I really don't care, but it just may be entertaining. Better yet, do dyou think he can do a Michael Jackson documentary?

But that's not all getting Spike attention. He also has a film coming out this fall that focuses on black soldiers during WWII. He let Eastwood have it for making two WWII films back to back that featured an all white army. I'm not sure what the exact segregation laws were then, but I'm certain there were some black soldiers there. It's a shame that in 2008 the entertainment industry has still not come around to the idea of inclusiveness. New York is not an all white city and the nation is not an all white nation. So while groups of friends and families may be of all one race/class/creed at least be a little representative in the people bumping into them. Read Spike's comments here.

And my requisite New York Times article. Crown Heights. Sigh. Apparently things don't change.

Also, Meagan Good, Vanity? I thought Vanity Fair reserved that for up and coming actresses trying to get noticed. Oh well, guess I answered my own query. Y'all know Cousin Skeeter was a long time ago. But then again, Jurnee Smollet just got her picture and they were both in Eve's Bayou together. And well, apparently Good is a producer now too.

a 3fer, really I should be learning stats.


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