My Favorite Scenes: Jail Time

Yesterday's throwback was not there because I fell asleep, woke up next to lappy with You Tube open. In honor of Sean Bell and the new Sean Bell track, I was going to post a clip of the "Mistaken Identity" episode of "The Fresh Prince" when Will tries to explain to Carlton that they were pulled over for Driving While Black.

So today, I bring you "My Favorite Scenes: Jail Time" where some of our most beloved characters have ended up in the slammer. So well its not all of the, but just a few of my faves.

(No clips found)In this classic jail episode, Ron and Dwayne end up in jail along with some guys from Virginia A&M after a racial scuffle.
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Dwayne becomes jealous of Whitley's new beau, particularly after she leads him to believe they are sleeping together. Ron promises to take Dwayne's mind off the situation by taking him to the big football game between Hillman and Virginia A&M. Ron then sells his ticket to a scalper and spends the game in his car. Three white students from A& M walk by, and one of them decides to start trouble. Ron bets them on the outcome of the game, declining to mention that their quarterback is out with the flu. With Hillman winning in a rout early the fourth quarter, the guys come out and pay Ron without an argument. Ron taunts them and says that their team needs to recruit more black players. One of the guys wants to let it go, but his friends begin to spray paint a racial slur on Ron's car. Ron starts to fight them, and Dwayne comes out and jumps into the fray. They are all held by campus security, who threatens to have them arrested unless they explain what happened. Ron and an A&M student give biased accounts; each leaves out information to make himself look completely blameless. Whitley, Kim and Freddie show up and unsuccessfully try to get Dwayne and Ron released. Dwayne tries to attack one of the guys for his racist and sexist comments about Whitley. Rick, the student who tried to make peace, finally comes forward and explains what happened. He feels embarrassed by their behavior. The officer orders the A&M guys to pay for Ron's repairs and perform community service. He points out that Dwayne and Ron also judge people by racial stereotypes (although it is to a lesser extent), and has everyone return for further punishment the following weekend. As they exit the stadium, they discover that someone has finished painting the slur on Ron's car."

(Videos at end of post) On this Fresh Prince classic from the first season, Uncle Phil and Vivian leave on a weekend trip, and Will and Carlton get pulled over for "speeding" as they drive Mr. Firth's Benz to Palm Springs since they apparently match the description of car thieves.

SEINFELD: Series Finale
(Videos at end of post) After all the hijinks pulled by some of our favorite New Yorkers it all finally catches up with them as they land in jail and various cast members from the 9 years come to testify. There's no huge racial lesson here, but do know that life will catch up with you one way or another(esp. seeing as the infamous Puerto Rican Day Parade episode was only a few episodes before).



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