All The Posts I Didn't Write

I am nothing if not persistent. I fell short on four posts for the 31Write Now challenge, if we include this one. Some were real shoddy : the Maxwell piece. But overall, I am proud of myself for actually writing. The last four years have seen sad and despicable levels of posting. This was rejuvenating. Plus I made new online blog friends. Always fun!

So, I do have a few posts I started that will come at a later date. The timing just was not right. I also started making a list of 31 posts I should have written for 31WriteNow. I did not quite get to 31, but I do have an abbreviated list. And when all else fails, I can always do a "My Favorite Scenes" or "When I Read." I will also hopefully bring more Arts reviews soon!

1. Egypt, Syria, and Why I Don't Understand  the United States of America's International Relations in Africa and the Middle East
2. Art Review: Civil War at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
3.  Finding Balance in the Small Urban Art Gallery
4. What's Wrong With Cute? The Typical Pop Arc of Miley Cyrus's Career
5. Authentic Brooklyn:  Oh, By the Way...We're Not Harlem
6. Whitney Houston Memorial
7. Michael Jackson Memorial
8. Aaliyah Memorial
9. Bernice King's Serm...Speech at the 50th Anniversary Commemoration for the March on Washington
10. Firsts Arts Crushes: Dance, Music, Television, Movies....

Well, I'll continue on this see you soon!


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