Old School Friday: RIP Michael Jackson

In the words of a friend: "Grab your crotch and scream." If we're going out we're going out with a bang!

Fittingly, this week's OSF has been altered to a Michael Jackson memorial. I'm sure between the lot of us, we'll cover a decent share of his catalog, but we won't get anywhere close to hitting the majority. The man was eccentric and for many people it was a love from a distance feeling, but if my twitter and fb feeds say anything, he's one of few ppl that can unite across gender, race, creed, age, nationality and the other things that separate us.

My first choice came out during my childhood from a movie I loved then (tho if u asked me about a whale now, I'd say ppl first).Seriously, I had a Free Willy necklace.

The clips inserted sow the sheer star power that Michael Jackson had. Remember the people fainting and the shrieks?

For a pop artist who came up with innovative dances and lived in a childhood fantasy land, he was beyond socially conscience. Songs like this, Black or White, Heal the World and Gone too Soon all point to cultural activism through music.

With condolences to the family.

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  1. OMG 2300 Jackson street was the jam. When they came out with that everyone looked so happy. It was like viewing a family reunion as a fly on the wall. Very intimate family video. Thanks for the memories. :)

  2. I'd forgotten about Free Willy - I almost posted Ben but in the end had to go with my favorite MJ tune of all time, Thriller.

    Again, such a great loss to the music world.


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