Old School Friday: Dance for Me!

HEYYYY I'm Back to Old School Friday! I've been missing out on all the fun, but today is one big ol dance party. Now in my senior year of college it turned out that the big dance songs for the majority of the college were Journey "Don't Stop Believin", Neil Diamond "Sweet Caroline" and Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama" If you ever want to see preppy New Englanders get all happy jumping up and down, play these songs. Really...this was in 2007, you wouldn't believe it. And I can't front, I love those songs as well. For a modern taste we got down to Madonna "Like a Prayer"

BUT,growing up I was in the very different world of Flatbush, West Indies USA. Since Obama declared this Caribbean Heritage month, here are some of the jams that will get any Caribbean party moving.

This next song, no lie I went to my friends birthday party when I was 9 and the whole family had a choreographed dance to it. My first experience with the Trini party style.

ANDD for good measure, this was on our elementary school Dancing with Richard Simmons to the 80s video we had to watch for class. Everytime I hear this song, I have to do the dance

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  1. Richard Simmons????????? OMG, lol.

    I immediately remembered an incident back in the sixties that was one of my most embarrassing moments: How dancing "The Freddy" scarred me for life.

    Go, enjoy, have a laugh at my expense - it's all in the spirit of OSF!

  2. I like the Caribbean music. I don't have the energy to dance to it.

  3. HAPPY OSF!!!


  4. The first time I heard Oh Sheila I hated it. The radio stations played it out. But it later became one of my favorites. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  5. Oh Sheila by Ready for the World, a Flint, MI group brings back memories. I really like your Caribbean theme and it is interesting to listen to the common African rhythms in all of our music. Happy OSF!

  6. @ Pop Art Diva
    Yes, Richard Simmons. We didnt have gym teachers, so they just bought us excercise video tapes and played them

    @Hagar's Daughter
    All you need is the basic two step and a head nod every now and again. That can carry you through any song.


    @Hey Shae! and Revvy Rev

    Oh Sheila really is a great song. And without Michigan, music would be sad an empty


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