My Favorite Scenes: Let's Go to Church

Editor's note: I've had this post sitting on my computer since March...pre-hiatus.

An Old School Friday Post made me think of all the random church episodes on television shows. When a need to demonstrate singing or deal with some moral can't be otherwise weaved into a plot, all of a sudden "the chuch" comes into play. Now note, there were some shows based on the church. (That link will bring you to one of my favorite short lived shows "Good News" on UPN. Can we have a channel that just shows old, kinda bad but lovable tv?)

But then there are these where we end up at church. Not that it's a bad thing to go to church- the sometimes religion reflects the nation on a whole- but it sure is random in retrospect.

This isn't the only time the show and "the chuch" combined so this one isn't really random. Mary and her lot were extremely active within their church community. Church was incorporated into the episodes and there was an obvious connection. I want to post this link: but can't embed it, so this one will have to do.

Family Matters
Carl yelled often, but not often about church.

Sister Sister
I've posted this clip before. But church is really a great reason to get some singing in on a show.

Fresh Prince
I find it hard to believe that the Banks family did not attend a more bougie church. There has to be an Abyssinian counterpart in L.A.

Sometimes singing goes wrong.

Do you have a favorite church scene? Let me know...leave a comment!


  1. They did take us to church on these shows didn't they? :)

  2. You are a genius. And very funny as well. There are many - I remember several church scenes from The Parkers, Amen and others. Good News is a sitcom I thoroughly enjoyed especially the organ playing of the late Billy Preston.

  3. I love the church scenes because they're usually so overdone, but you can find some nugget of realism in them.


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