Old School Friday: New Edition

First off: Happy Black History Month!
The appropriate new cover/banner will be coming soon.

Okay, down to Old School Friday business. Today we are doing songs by New Edition or members of New Edition. I have a tendency to utilize this group often, and in all actuality one of few popular mainstream songs I can recall knowing at 3 or 4 was Poison. (Another is Iesha by ABC, a Ne-BBD derivative). I had no idea how to pick just two. I'm not even going to do my favorite, "Is This The End?" Before my sister got her best of New Edition CD from one of those Columbia House memberships, I was much more familiar with songs by members of New Edition than New Edition themselves. This was mostly due to TV. So I bring you two songs and their corresponding Family Matters moments, because I was apparently raised by TGIF.

Skip to 7:20 for a typical mini singing moment on Family Matters

Skip to 1:55 for a guest star moment

Goodness, they never stopped: really was their demographic watching TGIF that often?

I actually miss Being Bobby Brown. That ish was hilarious and I have no shame in my tv show choices.
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The Queen


  1. As much as I watched the show, I forgot about all these NE moments. I remember the episode with Laura and Johnny Gill, that's how use to feel about Johnny.

    How long was this show on the air? Awww, look at all six members together.

    This is too funny, thanks for sharing. I guess NE had TGIF sewed up...

  2. I'm with Mrs G...I totally forgot that NE was on this show this many times...wow!

    Thanks for sharing these memories!

  3. LOl, you got me with the Familly Matters one. Good picks.

  4. I was not a big fan of Family Matters but for some reason I did catch the Johnny Gill episode!
    Nice spin on the theme!


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