Black History Month

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I've slacked on the Black History Month posting and I've been called out on it. So to get it kick started, I'll direct you to a piece written by my sister over at You can check it out and comment on it here: For the lazy amongst us, I've also copy and pasted her post below.

Sankofa Bird

Black History Month. February.
Thanks to the hard work of Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1926, Blacks were given the opportunity to reflect with pride and be celebrated not just one day of the year but for a month. Now while we know Black History is 365 days a year the question still needs to be asked, “Where did Black History Month go?” In the face of Obamaism, an infectious desire to be aware of everything the Obama’s do, wear, or go, it appears that Black History Month has been forgotten or less celebrated. Did anyone even notice back in January due to all the, albeit justified, inaugural hype we didn’t get to see Dr. King portrayed by a plethora of black actors on multiple networks?

While many can take pride in the accomplishments of our President, he himself has alluded to the fact that Dr. King’s dream has not yet been fulfilled. Like the Sankofa bird, even though we’re moving forward, we must look back to know where we’re coming from. In the face of the recent news of those who haven’t quite done us proud, Chris Brown, Etta James, I urge all of us to take some time out to celebrate this month in its’ true intentions. Here go some suggestions: visit a museum with a relevant exhibition, view a black casted or black written play, attend your church’s/school’s annual celebration, pay homage to your grandmother, give an encouraging word to a young black kid, watch reruns on BET, buy something by a black designer, make a contribution to the Motherland. Heck, even carry on with your Obamaism. Whatever it is you decide to do let’s not get blinded by the flashing lights if we want something more to celebrate about once they go dim. Create your own history and by all means try your best not to be a statistic.


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