Because: Misty Copeland and Bree Newsome are Everything and I Figured Out a Possible Halloween Costume and ....

omg omg omg. I completely geek out below. Get to the 20 minute mark and you'll see.
Wonder Bree, Rebecca Cohen

Can language change the way abortion is viewed? That's one of many topics I had the opportunity to discuss yesterday on Huff Post Live. And while the continuing debates over abortion in Texas and several other parts of the nation loom, women also have new super heroes and role models to celebrate: Bree Newsome and Misty Copeland, not to mention the US Women's Soccer Team. Watch me get geeked out discussing these topics and more.

And seriously, I do love the imagery of Bree that has been shared all over social media. When I wrote this, I was concerned we wouldn't have an image from this moment of history. Thank you Bree for being the representation that is needed.


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