Smile a While: Lee, Fallon, and Rhimes!

Things that made me smile this week:

Don't Call it a Comeback:

55 years later, Harper Lee will be publishing a sequel to everyone's favorite required reading, To Kill A Mockingbird. Will the movie get a sequel too?

Click here for Harper Lee's other works.

Jimmy Fallon , The Greatest Superfan to Ever Live:

What makes Jimmy Fallon's work gold, is you get the sense that he's just as much of a super fan as you are. Pure geeking out, no snark necessary. Two amazing clips this week featuring some of today's best comedians, and the best high school classmates ever.

SN: they did their makeup exactly the same. OMG. Lolz.

All Hail Shonda! First of all, Debbie Allen directed. Then, the one and only Marla Gibbs aka Mary from 227 aka Florence from the Jeffersons had a role, and then Black History Month died as Olivia Pope -our modern day Sally Hemmings - put herself up on the auction block. Slave agency at it's best!

SN: Luvvie  now does the recaps for Vulture? I have to check those out.


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