Black History Month! Why, Cus…Slavery!

Going Through Black History in Ten Minutes

Last year, I had the great opportunity to lead a seminar in American History with a focus on the African American experience. Somehow, I got from the 1400s to 2013 in about 8 hours. It was an experience, and since I am a history nerd, I obviously loved it!

I guess I did a decent job, because I was asked to take on an even more tackling task: "Create a brief presentation that is an overview of black history in America. Remember, keep it short. "

This is great for you, the reader, because it means you get to see another quick video that I made. It is hard to cover centuries worth of history in ten minutes. There is no time to delve into the intricacies of slavery and unpack the Civil Rights Movement, and showcase all that is black life in America. It is tempting to write, "Well you know…Slavery! and then Obama!"

SNL did it well in two minutes:

This was my final creation. The voiceover this time is my sister, but the script and images are me (with some input from mom)

Telling Our Story Introduction from K.D. Williams on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for a follow up which includes a few Brooklyn residents telling their story of life in America. I've done six interviews so far, and have loved the responses.


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