How He Became the Prince of A Town Called Bel Air....

 ...Or more accurately, Beverly Hills in Hollywood. Unlike my confusion on this guy's work, I completely appreciate and revel in Will Smith's authentic corniness.  He knows that when he raps, more than anything we want the theme song to his television show and probably the Men in Black theme afterwards. It's fine that the public appreciates his work at that level more than his Grammy award winning work. Smith pleases people.  Besides for his talent, this quality is why he spent such a long time ruling the box office. Despite the confusion surrounding his relationship with Jada, he appears to be nothing beyond who he is: a dad who mentors his son and is cheesy. This video is life for your weekend. There are two of my favorite Fresh Prince Scenes re-enacted plus the theme song:

Now as for Jaden... No comment. His flow isn't bad though.

Please don't release an album of duets though. That is not what we need.


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