Authentic Brooklyn

This is the start of the Authentic Brooklyn series. This series is of the kind that you have to start and define, by explaining what it is not. So while the roots may have been in conversations that had tinges of domestic xenophobia, this is not a case of domestic xenophobia. Domestic is noted, because New Yorkers tend to love foreigners, but not so much fellow Americans from the square states. To ensure everyone understands, it will be repeated again. This is not domestic xenophobia. There's nothing but love. And in fact, spreading love is the Brooklyn way.

This is also not a forgotten child's whine.  Authentic Brooklyn is undoubtedly gully and above throwing a tantrum because Authentic Brooklyn is confident. Lest it be forgotten, even in the shadow of Manhattan, Brooklyn has never been one for a lack of self-esteem. Swagger inhabits every bone of the borrow, for better or worse.

This is a proclamation and a manifesto.

Within the series, larger themes of gentrification, displacement, ownership, and authenticity will be touched on broadly. Since Brooklyn is so cool, and has indeed become the brand of cool, think of this as the case study for when this starts happening to cultural hotbeds unrealized throughout the world. Recognize our fire. Know how to deal with it next time, lest your cities burn again.

This is Authentic Brooklyn.

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