This is It Review

I went to see "This is It" with my sister over Halloween weekend and thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It was as if I watched a concert in a movie theater...but much better than that time my eldest sister had to take me to see the Spice Girls movie in junior high (still among my top ten of questionable entertainment choices).

I'm glad we had this last glimpse of Michael. Sure at times he looked weary. You could see a weight decrease, but he still had it. He was sharp and together. He knew his dances better than the dancers and had a sharp ear for music.

Bro' man was also sauuuuuucy. OMG.

Ok, I'm obviously still sizzling and we all need to let it simmer. The link below has a movie review written by my sister. Check it out!


  1. lol "we're sizzling"

    "let it simmer" "let it bathe in the moonlight"

    gotta love MJ


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