Oooh...he make me giggle

Is there anyone who the slight mention of them makes you giggle?
I was listening to Common's Finding Forever at work this week biding the time as I deleted excel entries, and he mentioned Master P in one of the songs. Not only do I love finding hidden jewels in lyrics that I never caught before. I like to laugh...a lot.

The grin broke out...and before I knew it I had to stifle a giggle. The idea of Master P, no matter how "bout it bout it" those Miller boys are just does that to me.

And what happened to his tv network? Goodness, I write about Mr. Miller so much, he has his own tag.

So does Ja Rule.

A tee hee hee hee hee hee....


  1. Yeah, I can see how these two could make you laugh randomly. Doesn't Master P have a reality show, or didn't he have one about hard work...

    I think it's on BET

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