Old School Friday: Not on You Tube

Its 11: 48. I have twelve minutes left to make Old School Friday work. I peeped from last week that it was no You Tube and I was up for the challenge. I thought long and hard this morning until I came up with David Rudder's Panama. I put it in the You Tube search bar and it didn't come up. Every other song I tried..from rap, to soul to R&B to gospel to obscure reggae existed. For anyone who likes calypso, Rudder is up there with top musicians. Panama is one of his biggest hits and oddly not on You Tube.

Panama - David Rudder

My other options were to go with the theme songs for a few of my favorite shows that were canceled too soon (and actually still arent on You Tube...shocking, I know) . But I had no idea where to find the audio for them online, so we'll just be at a lost.

Edit: How do I always forget this part? For more Old School Friday check out http://www.conversationswithmarva.blogspot.com for links to more OSF and to join in on the fun yourself!


  1. I had not heard this before. Thanks for the education.

    Have a great weekend!


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