My Favorite Scenes: School Dances

So, I'm doing a lot of writing at 4 AM on Monday morning because I'm up and won't be able to update during the week. That being said I got a head start on Old School Friday and this week's theme is prom. You'll see my choices on Friday. First off I wanted to give you some of my favorite scenes from television show dances/proms. I did this very literally. Moesha always had great stuff, but it was never at school. It was always at the one neo-soul..ish cafe that 15 year olds found uber appealing and let rappers and singers and their ilk come as they like. Why did I think that show was real? Anyway, onward and forward.

Why did something dramatic always happen at the dance or prom? Why? Didn't people just go and dance? Either someone broke up, got together, or a celebrity appeared out of nowhere.

Family Matters had the best school dances, always.

Saved by the Bell : the best of Saturday morning.

California Dreams: Gut Wrenching TNBC with a soundtrack.

The Cosby Show
So this isn't the clip how I'd like it,..but these guys planning their prom entrance was classic. classic....and exactly how every teenager thinks they can get something extravagant and be the best.

Sadly, this is the best I can do right now without my family leaving me. I wanted to do college parties as well. C'est la vie.

Have any favorite school dances memories from tv?


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