My Favorite Scenes: Drawn in Musicians

I was doing some research on new music, and came across this article which discusses cartoons and music in light of comic-con. (One day I need to make it to a convention that honors people obsessed with a pop culture genre to the level of geekdom.)

While reading this I felt validated in my love of Phineas and Ferb. I know for many there will never be harder cartoon rockers than Jem or Josie and the Pussycats. But I have to say, growing up and owning my own green sweater vest, white tee and khaki shorts I thought the Beets of Doug fame were right there with whichever band was in the Top 40. I assure you, you will be singing Ooo Ee oo Killer Tofu for a while after this.

Of course musical legacy in cartoons comes from a variety of areas. Where else can chimpmunks sing and create a Christmas legend...

or would Andre 3000 get to lead a class in music that was super appropriate...

or would there be a social commentary on real musicians? I can't say I know what actually goes on in Aaron McGruder's head, but if you need the full story (

Really, these cartoons can stand up to California Dreams any day. I'm a little ambivalent at the moment on Da Jammies. In writing it sounds great, but in visual this eerily reminds me of the PJs. Multicultural cartoons are something I harp on a lot. So this could be promising.

We're in desperate need of a funky cartoon that will leave us dancing in the aisles.


  1. If you read the article I link to at the beginning you'll see that the creator of The Jammies was also the creator of Proud Family...which was on Disney and is currently in syndication on BET. I don't undervalue the Proud Family. Who else would let Solange sing a theme song?

  2. LOL. What's up very special and unique lady? Peace be unto you.


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