Old School Fridays: Social/Political Songs

Judging from the fact that I secretly burned one of my old professor's Black Power: Music of a Revolution disc collection, this Old School Friday is right up my alley. A younger, less wiser me of less than a year ago would have included Boys II Men's "Why Christmas" if only for the simple reason that I was convinced the lyrics were "It's gonna be a white Christmas. My brothers and my sisters...they don't have any toys."

1st up: Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes "Wake Up Everybody" The video with the actual performance, can't be embedded so here. And yes it was remade a few years ago.:

2nd. A song from the said burned disk. Ain't no Stoppin Us Now: McFadden and Whitehead. I really wanted this to be the graduation march song in the 8th grade.

3rd. West Coast All Stars "We're All in the Same Gang." I've featured it before, but its such a classic! Yea for Reebok giving away free videos.



  1. why did I think someone else song Wake Up Everybody, I need to freshen up on my old school...

    Ain't No Stop Us Now, makes me want to put on my roller skates, and metallic jeans...

    We're All in the Same Game: I really did pick this song first, and changed it to Tevin Campbell, to save it for another date, but you beat me to it.

    This use to our jam back in the day, I enjoy laughing at our favorite rappers, some of whom I barely remember....

  2. Wake up everybody was my theme song in the late 70's!. Same Theme, different day!..

    All your songs bring back such wonderful memories..


  3. Teddy P!

    Wake Up Everybody is perfect...

    Great picks this week!

    Happy OSF!


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