Old School Fridays: Neo Soul-Groove Theory, Zhane

It's that time of the week again. Old School Fridays! This week's theme is Neo-Soul, and I'm going to bring you some pre-1999 goodies.

A pre-solo career Amel Larrieux in Groove Theory's 1995 'Tell Me"

Zhane's "You're Sorry Now" I went with this instead of other tracks like "Hey Mr. DJ," "Groove Thang," and "Sending My Love," but they're all solid tracks you can google.

I'll leave crazy Erykah for someone else to cover. That does my Old School Friday for this week, check out other Old Shcool Friday participants here: http://www.themarvalusview.com/osf/ .


  1. Groove Theory is my favorite of the two. Great selections.

  2. clnmike also choose Groove Theory which I thought was an excellent example of neo soul, but snap! You had to go and pick Zhane! Me and my best friend were just talking about them the other day and wondering whatever happened to them. This same friend and I attended a Zhane concert in Redondo Beach California back in 1994 and it was arguably the best concert I ever attended. It was really a dance. As they played piano and sang, they also came out into the audience dancing and interacting with the crowd. Definitely one of my best concert memories.

  3. I've commented on another blog that I'm really getting an education today. I have heard Zhane's music, but Groove Theory - never.

    Happy OSF!

  4. Zhane's CD was so off the chain it was ridiculous! And Groove Theory was so laid back...I loved them!

    Wonderful picks this week!

  5. I like the Zhane pick, there one of the ones I think have been placed in the wrong catagory.

  6. Zhane is one of my favorite groups, and I'm not talking about the fast pop hits, I'm talking about the slow piano duets...

    Amel Larrieux of Grove Theory has a beautiful soprano voice...Bryce is even better looking in person if that's possible...


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